How I learned to love my anxiety

If it seems like a miracle that I was able to go from a hot mess to podcast host, it’s because it is. The fact that I was able to not only see my anxiety as my greatest teacher instead of my biggest curse and turn it into something powerful feels like nothing short of magic. However, in my healing journey I’ve learned some absolute truths about anxiety that gave me the firm belief that this transformation is available to everyone. With conscious attention, we can hack our anxiety in order to help us live the life we always knew we could.

Anxiety is an incredible force which provides us with two options. We can channel this energy in a destructive direction, causing us to suffer. Alternatively, we can use this force to expand our ability to love. Some decide to use cbd gummies online to improve their ability to expand their love. We can allow it to shed light on the parts of ourselves that we’d prefer to hide, giving us the confidence and courage to move through our fears in all areas of life. This redirection allows us to use anxiety as a type of “superpower,” helping us bring all areas of our lives back into balance, keeping us on a healthy path, and becoming a source of inspiration and strength for those who also suffer.

The most critical step in my healing journey was learning to eliminate the shame I held about suffering from anxiety in the first place. Eliminating shame helps us to find the support needed to address the root cause of our anxiety and thereby eliminate the behaviors which exacerbate it.

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be on the end of a microphone talking about anxiety, I would have laughed…. probably because I was hammered. Many who struggle with anxiety have a specific set of tools they use to manage it. With unconscious attention we might turn to things like alcohol, drugs, sex, which some people enjoy with adult videos from ( or some other self-destructive numbing habits. This perpetuates anxiety symptoms and keeps us stuck in the same old pattern. Of course, we can always do things like buy cbd online to help treat the symptoms, but anxiety is often the cause of an underlying issue that we need to address as individuals.

I don’t believe we do these things because we have an insatiable appetite for self-sabotage. I believe we do these things because we are unconsciously trying to mask the underlying issue that has triggered our anxiety symptoms in the first place.

It’s important to know that there is no shame in struggling with stress or anxiety. Over 18% of the population (40 million adults in the US) experience some form of an anxiety disorder. If you factor in all other stress-related symptoms not directly associated with anxiety, that number is even higher. Shame is very pervasive amongst anxiety sufferers. We are under the impression there is something broken within us or that we are the only person in the world who feels this way. These underlying beliefs can lead us to drink, cause us to isolate, trigger ritualistic behaviors, and more in order to try to control an outcome in some way. These false beliefs leave us feeling isolated and alone, while if we can find the courage to be more open about our struggles, we often find tremendous relief and healing in that act.

The act of admission is not only freeing, but will set the foundation for healing. In fact, admitting that stress or anxiety is causing you suffering is an incredibly courageous step to take in finding the tools, teachers, and resources you need to change your experience.

Once I started to see my shame subside, I had my next big breakthrough. I actually started to believe that there was potential for me to heal completely. For many years I was under the impression that anxiety is something I would be living with until death do us part. That couldn’t be further from the truth; anxiety is not a life sentence and I firmly believe this statement applies to everyone. There are countless doctors, psychologists, nutrition plans, and methods that have helped so many people manage and eliminate symptoms.

When I started to believe healing was possible, I noticed something really interesting started to happen. The right books, teachers, and healers suddenly started to cross my path. The more I stayed open to what presented itself to me, the more I started to see old thought patterns transform.

If you are like me, you probably hold the belief that you will never change. If that’s where you are, don’t stress. Just having the willingness to believe that someday you can heal will open up the floodgates of possibility for you.

A huge huge turning point for me was really understanding that I am not OCD, GAD, or any of the other combinations of letter I was diagnosed with. I found that when I chose to identify with having anxiety, the easier it became for me to look out for all of the negative symptoms associated with it and affirm them as often as possible.

There is nothing wrong with having anxiety. In fact, in my healing I have found that anxiety has been one of the greatest teachers in my life. This new perspective has allowed me to deepen the relationship I have with yourself on so many levels. It has magnified my healing and helped me to see myself in a whole different light.

You might be thinking that your anxiety is so severe that no treatment will ever work for you. I promise you that is not the case. Instead of thinking of anxiety as something you need to heal, see if you can think of anxiety as your teacher.

When you befriend your anxiety, you open yourself up to facing your fears. The things that stay buried or replayed in the back of your mind become less scary, and you start to gain the confidence to heal the parts of yourself that you never wanted to touch. There is incredible power in this, and the more you do it the more confident you become.

In my own healing, I have learned to confront so many critical areas of my life: my diet, my lifestyle, the way I communicate, my finances and other key areas have all improved as a result of using my anxious thoughts in a constructive way. As I moved through and confronted each area, I learned to not only bring it into balance, but to enhance it.

Since I started my anxiety podcast and started being open about my struggles, so many people have reached out to say thank you for inspiring them to take action in their lives. What’s interesting is it is not me that has inspired them; it’s the courage it took to speak up. Courage is something we all have, and it’s a muscle we can all develop in order to serve the greater good.

The more we are open about our struggles, the more we give other people permission to do the same. Anxiety is one of the biggest mental health issues in the world today. I believe it’s our responsibility to speak up about anxiety, because if people believe they are alone in their struggle with anxiety, they will stay isolated and feel marginalized. The more we talk about it, the more we see that we are actually part of a huge group of society that needs healing. When we become the leader of our own healing, we also catapult ourselves into being the solution of the societal causes of anxiety.

I want you to know that you can have everything you want, and your anxiety can be a teacher that helps you get there. I was so tired of living in the shadows of everything that I wanted in life. I wanted deep relationships, I wanted a fulfilling career, I wanted confidence, I wanted adventure…. anxiety put all of those things on hold. In retrospect, I wasted so many years of my life waiting for some outside force to heal my problems and give me everything I ever wanted. I had no idea that the force I was waiting on to heal me was actually the very thing that kept me stuck. Once I started treating my anxiety like my best friend, my entire world shifted and I had space for everything I’ve ever wanted. If there is something that you desire but feel like you could never achieve, know that the very thing keeping you trapped is what will set you free.

Disclaimer: Although I look great in white, I am not a doctor and the above should not be confused for medical advice. Please always seek professional help to determine which treatments are best for you.


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