Thanks so much for being on this page! If you’re here it means you’ve either listened to the show and you dig it (awesome!), got an email from me gushing about how much I love you (it’s true), or you’re my mom (hey mom!). However you arrived here, I’m pumped you did.

I love interviewing people who are passionate about all things stress-related. Whether your a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, coach, or a former stressed-out psycho (join the club!), we all have interesting perspectives and stories to tell and I want to help you get it out there in the world.

Goals of the show

  • share actionable steps to help those struggling with stress or stress-related issues
  • open up an honest and vulnerable conversation about stress and all stress-related issues (stories about addiction, anxiety, shame, eating disorders, sleep disorders, workaholism, OCD, shyness, etc)
  • provide strength and hope to those currently struggling
  • provide resources to help people take their healing deeper (books, films, links, therapies, etc)

Why should you be on the show?

So many people deal with stress and anxiety, and no one really talks about it. This shame surrounding anxiety perpetuates the cycle and leaves people feeling as if they are alone in their struggle. By being on this podcast, you help to open up an honest and open conversation about how common stress and anxiety is and show how healing is possible.

Do you feel like you have a story to share or are you on a mission to help those struggling? Let’s talk!

Tips for being on the show

Technical Tips: Always use headphones (iPhone headphones work!), be in a quite area, put “Do Not Disturb” on your cell phone (the little moon symbol on iPhones!), mute all electronics

Conversation Tips: Relax! This is a really fun and lighthearted conversation. Let’s laugh, tell stories, and have some fun.

Presentation Tips: Focus on your core message and 3-5 actionable take aways you would like listeners to have.

How do we get started?

Contact me here!


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